Nisesomi, LLC is a small video game developer (there’s only 4 of us!) located in Colorado Springs, CO. In the past we focused on creating code and content for local companies and small websites. Finding ourselves tired of working for others, and having 50+ combined years of programming experience in JavaScript, C++, C#, PHP, etc., we decided to finally dive in and do what we’ve all wanted to do for the last 20+ years, develop a video game of our own!


Carl A. Rhoades

  • Position: Co-Founder, CEO, and CTO
  • What I Do: computer and network maintenance, programming, website admin, level and ship designer, storyboard, etc.
  • Programming Languages: C#, VB, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, PHP
  • Hobbies: video games, Lego, programming, reading
  • Favorite Video Games: Mario series, 2D Sonic series, The Legend of Zelda series, Rez, Tempest 2000, Secret of Mana, Metroid series, SimCity 4, Tetris, Destiny (yep, even after playing only the Alpha and Beta)… any many more!
  • Favorite Genres: RPG, Adventure, Simulation, Platformer, Strategy, Bullet Hell
  • Social Links: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Hatena

Jack R.

  • Position: Co-Founder and CFO
  • What I Do: programming, level and ship designer, storyboard, etc.
  • Programming  Languages: C#, C++, HTML
  • Hobbies: video games, programming, art
  • Favorite Video Games: Civilization series, too many 8 and 16 bit games to list!

Robin A.

  • Position: Co-Founder and CCO
  • What I Do: handle relations with customers and companies, level design, storyboard, etc.
  • Hobbies: video games, reading
  • Favorite Video Games: none, but loves puzzle games

Ryan C.

  • Position: Programmer and Artist
  • What I Do: programming, character, level, and ship design, storyboard, etc.
  • Programming Languages: C++, C#
  • Hobbies: video games, programming, art



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