Random Thoughts

About 8 months ago, we built out or tiny development studio. 4 desks, 3 desktop computers, 7 monitors, 1 laptop, 2 large UPS, all crammed in a 18 x 20 foot room! It’s a tight fit, but we get a lot more done when we’re able to work in the same place!

The main workstation:

Over a year ago, we decided to use Unity 3D as our graphics engine due to it’s ability to target so many different platforms. It also doesn’t hurt that it’s completely free to use the regular version with no time limit. With all of having to work our normal day jobs, only having a limited demo would have been useless. Pure genius on Unity Technology’s part, and likely the reason Unity 3D is so massively popular. That, and the huge amount of documentation, tutorials, and assets available for it. Still, the multiplatform support was the biggest influence in our decision. We’ve all wanted to release our own video games for some 20 years, and Unity 3D is helping with our vision.

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