Author: Carl Rhoades

嵐 Arashi – A New Direction

嵐 Arashi is the working title of the RTS (real-time strategy), tower defense (with a little bit of adventure thrown in) video game that we’re currently working on. RTS: The player can’t see the game screen whilst paused… alas, the fog of war will obstruct their view. Tower Defense: The player uses towers to defend a main location, and has… Read more →

Expensive End of Year for Gaming

I just looked over the list of games and goodies I have pre-reserved through Amazon… Destiny Limited Edition – $99.99 Bayonetta 2 – $59.99 Super Smash Bros. Wii U – $99.99 (GameCube Controller + Adapter) Kingdom Hearts HD II.5 ReMix Limited Edition – $39.99 Captain Toad Treasure Tracker – $59.99 12 amiibo @ 12.99 each – $155.88 So much awesomeness… Read more →