Month: August 2014

Random Thoughts

About 8 months ago, we built out or tiny development studio. 4 desks, 3 desktop computers, 7 monitors, 1 laptop, 2 large UPS, all crammed in a 18 x 20 foot room! It’s a tight fit, but we get a lot more done when we’re able to work in the same place! The main workstation: Over a year ago, we… Read more →

It Starts!

After messing with Joomla (which is awesome)… and realizing I didn’t want to learn it… I set up a new DB, new DB user, uploaded/installed WordPress, found a theme, and created a post in, oh, 8 minutes. I’d much rather spend the time working on the game than messing with learning a new CMS. Besides, WordPress does everything we need… Read more →